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A New Way to Showcase Your Sale Horses

A New Way to Showcase Your Sale Horses (Compliments of MatchNRide) Give buyers more opportunities to watch and follow your quality horses via Facebook and...

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How to Write an Ad for Employees (While Not Scaring Them Away)

How to Write an Ad for Employees (While Not Scaring Them Away) By Sue Weakley for MatchNRide So, you are looking for barn help and you need to write an ...

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How to photograph your horse

  Here are some tips from International Equestrian Photographer, Susan Stickle. 1. Chose a Sunny day. If it's possible chose a sunny day to get your pi...

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Ten Hot Weather Tips to Keep Your Horse Chillin'

By Sue Weakley in consultation with Kimberly D. Snyder, DVM, PA It’s hot out there! Summer heat can be dangerous for horses and could lead to dehydrati...

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Equestrians - Improve Your Riding Success in 4 Easy Steps.

By Laura King of Summit Hypnosis and Summit Performance In the words of former Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey, “Luck is the residue of design&rdquo...

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Trainers - Promote Your Business Online!

How Trainers Are Using MatchnRide.com to Promote Their Business Online. Did you know that internet marketing is currently one of the most cost-effective meth...

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The Three Keys to Horse Shopping

Jos Sevriens, a Dutch dressage trainer based out of the Stables at Blalock Lakes in Georgia, is an expert in helping people find the right horses. His top tips ...

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Tips for Scouting Out the Best Boarding for Your Horse

Diane Octaviano and her husband David own D&D Farm, a boarding facility in Wellington, Florida, and have offered year-round and seasonal boarding for 10 yea...

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Importing a Mare from Europe

By Mary Ross Recently a friend of mine, who had gone horse shopping in Europe, returned with loads of photos and videos of horses she had tried while abroad....

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The Future of Thoroughbreds

Home Front Committee discusses the future of Thoroughbreds Jennifer Bate At the Annual Show Jumping meeting held by the United States Equestrian Fe...

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“If You Play It....”

Terry Ciotti-Gallo, Klassic Kur www.KlassicKur.com The music starts and people from all corners of the show grounds gather around the source of the so...

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Are You Thinking of Buying a Horse?

Whether this will be your first horse, or you haven’t bought one in a while, here are some helpful questions to ask as well as some thoughtful suggest...

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